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When your legal dispute is referred for arbitration or mediation, it’s important to remember you are still involved in an adversarial legal process.  Moreover, if you agree to binding arbitration, the arbitrator may be the final decision maker.  Carey M. Fischer has years of experience not only representing clients, but also as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, a Qualified Arbitrator and an assistant Mediation Trainer.

What’s the difference between arbitration and mediation?

In Florida, most mediations involve a confidential process whereby the sides meet with an impartial and neutral qualified person who assists the sides in attempting to resolve the claim without a trial. The mediator does not make decisions for the sides but does help them explore issues in a settlement conference. If the sides agree to a settlement, it is written down and signed by each side. A mediated settlement agreement can be enforced by a court.
Arbitration is a process whereby an arbitrator acts as a decision maker much like a judge would. Some arbitrations can be final and binding on the sides and others may not be. Much depends upon the reason that the sides wind up in an arbitration. Similar to a trial, witnesses can be called, evidence presented and formal arguments can be made.
Each stage of the process generally requires preparation, execution and high-level decision-making, weighing costs and benefits and anticipating consequences. Carey M. Fischer has represented clients in Mediations and Arbitrations and is, himself, a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator and a Qualified Arbitrator. He is also an Assistant Mediation Trainer. 

Why might I need a lawyer?

If you do not know the process, do not have the time to learn, or do not have the experience or the interest to deal with the stress and aggravation that can accompany legal proceedings, you may be at a distinct disadvantage without a lawyer. This can be more compelling if your opponent has legal representation.

Contact a South Florida firm with an experienced litigator, qualified arbitrator and  Florida Supreme Court Certified circuit civil mediator.

If your dispute has been referred for arbitration or mediation, or if you need an arbitrator or mediator in a civil dispute,  consider calling Carey M. Fischer, P.A. at 954.524.3553 or contact the firm online.